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Biometrie und Umweltsystemanalyse

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PhD Thesis

cfd_portrait_alt.jpg Dormann, C.F. (2001) Global Change, Herbivory and Arctic Plants.

PhD thesis, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.


CHAPTER 1 General Introduction
pdf-reprint (108.73 kB)

CHAPTER 2 Climate Change in the Arctic: using plant functional types in a meta-analysis of field experiments
pdf-reprint of published paper (282.97 kB)

CHAPTER 3 No evidence for adaptation of two Polygonum viviparum genotypes to length of growing season: abundance, biomass and germination
pdf-reprint (192.33 kB)

CHAPTER 4 Facilitation and competition in the High Arctic: the importance of experimental approach
pdf-reprint (35.53 kB)

CHAPTER 5 Competition in a changing environment: a case study from the High Arctic
pdf-reprint (82.33 kB)

CHAPTER 6 Induced defence in a high-arctic dwarf shrub (Salix polaris)
pdf-reprint (n/a)

CHAPTER 7 Sex-ratio in willow revisited: consequences of herbivore exclusion
pdf-reprint of published paper (220.55 kB)

CHAPTER 8 Consequences of manipulations in carbon and nitrogen supply for concentration of anti-herbivore defence compounds in Salix polaris
pdf-reprint (78.01 kB)

CHAPTER 9 Optimal allocation to anti-herbivore defence: importance of grazing pressure and competition and the consequences of Climate Change
pdf-reprint (115.46 kB)

CHAPTER 10 Synthesis (incl. References and Appendix to Chapter 1)
pdf-reprint (171.52 kB)

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