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Biometrie und Umweltsystemanalyse

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Ecological topics that includes field/lab component

1.   Insect biodiversity and species interactions: pollinators, herbivores or computer-simulated networks 

Topics: Most species on earth are insects. They are thus the most obvious group for studying the importance of species diversity. Insects are involved in many complex networks of relevant interactions (that often form the basis for ecosystem services), e.g. between plants and pollinators, or between plants, herbivores and their natural enemies. If you are interested in this general topic and enthusiastic about species identification and/or working with R (analysis or modeling), please contact me!

     aphid_on_birchbee on crepis

Possible thesis topics include (but are not limited to):

§  Testing or developing network models (mutualistic and antagonistic interactions); e.g. how are network analysis methods and metrics affected by non-independent counts (data analysis and modelling; e.g. see topic below under eco-statistical topics)?

§  Herbivore assessments in the IDENT tree diversity experiment in Freiburg or in Canada; do herbivores prefer native trees? how do bark beetles spread in a mixed forest plantation? how does neighbor tree diversity influence herbivory? are insect communities more dependent on tree species or stand age? (field work in Freiburg, possibly in Canada, or literature work with data analysis)

§  Temporal dynamics of plant-pollinator interactions, flowering partitioning and the influence of pollinators on flower opening and closing times (experimental field work, or analysis of existing data)

Time: to be determined; field work topics have to start in spring / early summer, with sufficient time for analysis and writing afterwards

Requirements: I am looking for highly motivated students interested in biodiversity and plant-insect interactions. Experience with data analysis in R or with insect research is advantageous.


Contact: Dr. Jochen Fründ, jochen.fruend@biom.uni-freiburg.de, 0761/203-3747 

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